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Goran, Melbourne, Australia
Michael, Brisbane, Australia
Kim, Brisbane, Australia
Lillian, New York, USA

I am a part time corporate accountant and full-time caregiver for elderly parents. Everyone knows that most accountants do not have a lifestyle to speak of during tax season from January to April so I began a search for income opportunities that would give me the income, lifestyle and time freedom I desired.

I wanted a business where there was huge potential. Travel is the world’s largest industry at over $8 trillion spent annually worldwide. I needed a business that would enable me to make money even if I wasn’t there working. A business where I wasn’t trading my time for money. Our compensation plan is second to none. We can actually earn our advertising dollars back within the first couple of sales plus we actually earn income when the people you bring into the business make sales. I love it.

I wanted to be doing something that gave me flexibility and didn’t tie me down to one place. The internet has enabled me to create such a wonderful business that I can run from anywhere in the world provided I do have my laptop and thanks to the way I’ve set up my business much of what I do is highly automated giving me the time freedom that I’ve yearned for in a home based business. And now here is the fun part – in my first 11 days in my business I actually netted a few thousands dollars in income and my friend who told me about this business made a couple of thousand more from me without actually doing anything. Isn’t that wonderful?
Helen, Brisbane, Australia

Hi, my name is Helen. I am Dutch/Spanish and moved to Brisbane about 2 years ago with my partner and 2 year old son. I was looking for part-time work early in 2012 which proved a bit of a challenge given the current economic climate. Therefore, I took destiny into my own hands and started this business opportunity in the luxury leisure travel industry.

It’s been a fantastic choice and I haven’t looked back! The training and the support I’m provided with is second to none, the commission structure is very generous. That’s not all, I get to travel to far away places, to a wide variety of 5 star resorts for below wholesale prices – it doesn’t get any better than that!

The marketing system that is provided is very user-friendly, a must-have as it does a lot of the work for you. So all you need is enthusiasm, motivation and commitment and you’re half-way there! So come inside, have a look and see whether it’s an opportunity that could be of interest to you.
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