How Much Will it Cost You if You Refuse to Spend Any Money?

It is a known fact that people like to get something for nothing. They love the words ‘Free’, “Special Offer’, ‘Sale’ or anything that will give them a break.  After all with costs constantly rising for everything including basic necessities, and the fact that money doesn’t seem to grow at the same rate, we need a break.

However, there is an unfortunate phenomenon that is apparent when it comes to business. Particularly for ‘freebie seekers’ they will gladly put their hand out and get whatever they can for nothing. However these are the very same people who absolutely resent even a mention of a small investment of money (or sometimes even time) to develop their business. They so just don’t get it.

It seems logical that if someone is being given a ‘leg up’ by receiving free resources to help them start out, that they would feel that they should build on that and invest even a small amount if that is all they have. What is often apparent though is that they will shoot themselves in the foot by absolutely refusing to contribute to their own business development.  Their mantra is ‘you said it was free’.

Sure, if you don’t have it you don’t have it. It is absolutely true that while you may not have cash saved up to use for your business, if you really want to make your business work, you will find money that you already have that you could put to better use than you are. It is all a matter of priorities.

There are so many things we could do without to generate some extra money if we are serious about our business.  There are also ways you can make a little money to save for expenses.  Most people wouldn’t go so far as to go through garbage dumpsters to collect plastic and cans to make a few dollars, but there are those that will. They are not always homeless or poverty stricken people, but some that are just enterprising and they really value a dollar. They feel they are also doing good for the environment. Two great motivations.

You probably don’t need to go that far – just realize that those pennies add up to dollars. If you are not too proud to use coupons or buy ‘off’ brands that are cheaper you can start saving money right there and put it aside for a business fund. If you sit down and ask yourself if a movie is more important to you than the future of your business, sometimes the business will win. If not then it is possible you really don’t want or deserve to have your own business.

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Work At Home and Avoid the Rush

When you stop to consider how much of your life is spent being involved in your job, it is shocking.  There is rushing to get ready for work, hurrying to get to work on time, getting all your work done, getting back home in rush hour, getting to sleep so you can get up on time to start the whole rut over again. Really, the only other activity that gets as much time as work is sleep if you can squeeze it in!  You really must, you know because if you collapse from the stress and exhaustion who will do all that you do?

If you have small children it is even more effort to get to work, not to mention you do have responsibilities to create a ‘home’ and to be there for your family. While as adults we may realize the necessity of working to support our families and we may even try to make our kids understand, to a child’s mind the only thing that seems to stick is you are not there. When you think about it, to a kid it is their waking hours when you are away at work. Nice touch to be able to spend an hour or two with them out of a 24-hour day.

This is why, particularly for people with kids that it makes so much sense to work at home one way or the other; either by convincing your employer to at least let you work from home part-time or by starting your own business.  When you start to consider other things besides time, like money, you have another whole level of reasoning of why it would be best if you can make the arrangements to work at home.

Let’s calculate how much you spend on commuting/traveling to and from work, which usually is not in any way repaid to you by your employer. This calculation should include public transit costs or gasoline, and if you drive, add the parking, bridge tolls, and auto maintenance. Then there are costs that come in the ‘getting ready for work’ category, such as grooming, clothing, dry cleaning, etc.; along with eating lunches out unless you have time to make a bag lunch.

If you have small children you are likely paying a large percent of your income for child care at the minimum. Again this is in addition to the fact that your child is growing up without your presence most of the time. Not to make you feel guilty as it is a fact of life, even with two parent households, it is necessary financially to have two incomes; but again they just don’t really understand.

When you work at home your time is really your own.  Not that you can slack off because you really do need to work at your business aggressively, especially if self-employed.  But the point is you can work your job around your life instead of the job running your life 90% of the time.  That means if you want to do your work at night, or half in the morning and half at night, or maybe have a day off in the middle of the week, that is up to you.  You can then make time for your kids activities and to participate with them – and still get your work done on time!

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Starting a Business – Do What You Love and Love What You Do

It is absolutely true that we do best at what we like to do.  In your career you are very fortunate if you have a job that you completely love. This might only really be possible if you decided early in your life what you want to ‘be’ and took the action to get the education or training to do what you wanted to do.  Starting a business is another chance.

Many people see a job as only a means to an end – it pays the bills. They tolerate it out of necessity only.  Within reason they are willing to put in the time and follow the directions to keep that position. Some will try to exceed expectations so that they might be promoted to a better-paying job some day.

If that doesn’t happen in a reasonble period of time, and they have confidence and self-esteem, they will make a promotion happen even if they have to look outside of their present company to find a better job. Or if you are very creative and brave, you may develop your own business.

Long gone are the days when people got a job and stayed there for their entire career, slowly and sometimes painfully ‘working themselves up the corporate ladder’. In fact in some cases when it comes to ‘down sizing’ or ‘workforce reduction’ in our economic climate for the past few decades, it is often those that are the higher paid or more experienced employees that are cut.

Unfortunately loving your job and doing your very best doesn’t count for anything when a company has decided to make changes.  They do not see people – they see positions.  It is hard for us to understand how they can be so cold, but ‘that’s business’.  It’s about the bottom line, making the most profit and not about doing what is right for the employees necessarily.

So if you are in a position to start a business of your own, you might as well do something that you love to do if possible;  or another way to look at it is to do what you have to do and love it.  Sometimes there has to be trade-offs – so you may be required to perform some tasks you are not crazy about.  To stay on top of this, you may have to enumerate the things you do love about working at home, and there is a lot to love.

If you are starting out and have to work a day job and create ‘spare’ time to nurture a budding business, it will not be as easy to realize what is so preferable about working from your home unless you really like what you are doing; or at the very least might be doing something in an industry that you find attractive or necessary.

Think about how great doing your work at the time(s) when you feel like it is, and having the freedom to do something else whenever the opportunity arises (and do the work later of course); think about all the money you are saving on transportation to and from a job – add it up – the gas, parking, bridge tolls, etc; then realize how much you will not miss the stress of commuting in traffic and all that this can involve, for example (the freeway that is more like a parking lot during rush hour(s).

Just these alone are major things to love about having your own business at home! In addition, you can enjoy the peaceful, quiet atmosphere and just the feeling of control you will have by taking charge of your own life; …and it would even add more impetus to ‘work it’ if it is something that you are interested in – for example if you can create a business from a hobby or interest that you have. This would go a long way to encourage you to expend your energy in that direction.

There is a saying that is ‘some people work to live and others live to work’ – You have to really enjoy working to set yourself up with a day job and a part-time home business – of course the idea there is to someday quit the day job and to support yourself entirely from your own business at home!

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